Comics as a Service

Elevating tech humor to new heights!
We’ve been providing customized comics as a service for over a decade. CloudTweaks has been elevating brands to the forefront through credibility marketing and by providing astute messaging through our unquie brand of humor.

Comic Library

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How To Customize Your Comics?

  • 1. Brand Messaging

    Do you have a particular idea you’d like conveyed into the messaging? If you can’t think of anything, we can help.

  • 2. Comic Style

    Is there a particular comic style that you’d like incorporated?  IE) Whimsical, Sardonic, Conservative, Witty, High Brow?

  • 3. Color or Black & White?

    Please let us know if you’re looking for color or black & white comics for your marketing campaign.

  • 4. One or multi-panel comics

    Does your campaign require one panel comics, multiple or a variety?

  • 5. Required File Type

    We provide a number of image file types with these being the most prominent. JPG, JPEG, PSD, TIFF, PNG, GIF

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